Call for participation


The next edition of the FEMINISTIVAL will be open on July 13rd & 14th, 2019 at Couvent Levat in Marseille.

We are making a call to the artists, activists and popular educators to come up and invest the « La Chapelle de l’ancien Couvent Levat» and « Le jardin » at La Belle de Mai in Marseille for a weekend to work and deploy together a feminist and creative power.


We intend to reach :

  • people who question the world, shake the patriarchal society and their racists and sexists representations.
  • people who create connections between of all us
  • people who are trying to change things around Mediterranean sea

Together we are “The Boulegantes” !


Our engagements :

  • Open visibility spaces and feminist expression to  : cis, trans or non-binary people
  • Create a moment of exchange, of free reflection and solidarity
  • Raise awareness on oppression
  • Bring together future educators and a community in Marseille to stimulate different exchanges : of points of view, skills and experiences
  • Welcome people in a festive and friendly environment

General FEMINISTIVAL meeting will open to all on Sunday, April 28 at 12.00 am for a shared meal. The lunch time will be followed by a co-working time in « Jardin Levat ».

Join us in the FEMINISTIVAL July, 13th & 14th in Marseille !

* Single artists or collectives can apply according to the following categories :

  • Plastic art (painting, sculpture)
  • Scenic art (theater,dance, poetry, performance)
  • Graphic art (drawing, comic, photomontage)
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Cinema (short movie, documentary, animated movie)
  • Others …


Educative and sociocultural associations are invited to apply with different transmission or animation media:

  • Presentation stand
  • workshop
  • Conference
  • Debate
  • Others …


Location of the Feministival  :

« Les Jardins » and « la Chapelle de l’ancien Couvent Levat » in la Belle de Mai :


Conditions :

The remuneration of the artists will depend on participation of different sponsos and the benefits of the crowdfunding. We are doing everything we can to pay the artists as it is a way for us to recognize the value of their work.

Possibility to defray the transport by crowdfunding

On-site technical assistance


Communication tools : Website, flyers, posters, media communication by the Effronté-es and  by the team of the FEMINISITIVAL TEAM 2019.


Apply to the FEMINISTIVAL before May 15, 2019.

CONTACT :feministival2019@gmail.com

WEBSITE :www.feministival.fr

Call for participation – Feministival ! 2019 – ENGLISH

This project is supported by the citizen’s initiatives and energy.
The FEMINISTIVAL TEAM 2019 is composed of :
★Effronté-es ★Marseille Féministe ★Juxtapoz

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